Before I begin, this is the bit most people would love to avoid and talk about myself. It is important to me to try and reflect my personality and work ethic into this informative brochure so we get the sense of knowing one another from the start. For all my clients that know me they would likely say that I am welcoming to any individual that walks through our doors, it is always a pleasure to meet knew people and enjoy the friendships we build with returning clientele. My wish is that all clients feel very at ease and comforted when they arrive and very satisfied when they leave.

I began my journey into the industry when I left school, very excited to travel into the world of make up artistry. I have worked for many productions including Cats and been privileged to have worked along side one of the make up artists for the
films Harry Potter and The Mummy Returns. As much as I enjoyed working with amazing prosthetics, fashion and special effects it was also craving more.

I went into studying two years as a level three beauty therapist with extensive courses on tanning, face mapping and massage, unbeknown to me what paths massage would take me down. I was very lucky to find myself working along side the top local physio’s at our towns professional, league one rugby team Barrow Raiders resulting in traveling every week whilst meeting new therapists and discovering new techniques. One of my favourite courses, but most testing was the
reflexology course. Although I gained many techniques and skills like teeth whitening and specialising in many different massage courses I felt something was missing.

I needed to push myself like never before, and here’s where I began on my micro- pigmentation. Many years ago I had wanted my eyebrows tattooed and
was disheartened when I got quoted £500+. I had brainwave that if I could do the training myself and learn a fantastic skill I could than offer this service at a cost that I personally felt was affordable for every individual not just a select few. So I did.

What I didn’t know when taking this step in my career was how much I loved my job and how rewarding it was to change lives just by giving them some eyebrows. I know it sound dramatic, but when I meet wonderful women that have survived illnesses that unfortunately left them with hair loss, a set of eyebrows to them is emotional and gives them the confidence and ability to feel feminine and themselves once again. 

Once I got the taste for the world of aesthetics I realised this is where my heart belongs resulting in more training on skin needling also known as dermaroller, microblading & now laser tattoo removal with another fabulous technician.


See You Soon,